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Cost Analysis and Technology Assessment

The production costs of PV-generated electricity must continue to decrease if it is to become competitive without subsidies. This can be achieved both through decreasing system component costs and through increasing system efficiency. In each case, this necessitates continual improvement of established production technologies and development of new ones throughout the PV value chain. It is not always clear whether a new technological development will be of financial advantage, because an increase in efficiency often also means a more complex production process. This seminar will compare different methods of cost analysis and technology assessment, with a more in-depth look at the production of crystalline solar cell technologies. A method of detailed cost of ownership analysis, both for single process steps and for complete product lines, will be introduced. This method will be formally explained, using examples from crystalline solar cell production. We will see how the efficiency of a solar cell directly influences the costs of wafer, cell and module production, as well as electricity production costs. This means that the advantages of a new solar cell production technology may only be proven farther along the value chain. Example calculations can demonstrate the influence of solar cell and module efficiency on the production costs of the various steps of the PV production chain, up to and including electricity produciton costs. 

 This seminar is recommended for technicians, engineers and scientists who are involved in cost and efficiency analysis for PV production technologies. Knowledge of the manufacture and functioning of crystalline silicon solar cells, as can be gained in the seminar "Basics of Production Technology", is helpful but not mandatory. 

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