About Us

PV Training is the result of a close cooperation between PSE AG and the Fraunhofer Institute for Solar Energy Systems, ISE. 

 The seminar topics are developed based on the cutting-edge scientific knowledge and research at the Fraunhofer ISE.

 For the practical section of our seminars, we organize tours of the Photovoltaic Technology Evaluation Center (PV-TEC) at the Fraunhofer ISE. PV-TEC includes a 1,200 m² laboratory area, which displays a complete production line of silicon solar cell wafer technology. 

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PSE AG offers comprehensive services for research and development in the field of solar energy.  In the area of event management, we organize workshops and conferences as well as official visits and annual meetings for solar companies, research institutes and public establishments. PSE AG has extensive experience in international event management. We ensure the highest level of scientific content, as well as a courteous and friendly atmosphere at all of our events. 

Scientific Partners 

The Fraunhofer ISE has over 1,200 employees, which makes it the largest solar research institute in Europe. The Institute’s work ranges from researching the natural scientific and technical principles of solar energy use and developing prototypes to construction of demonstration plants. The Institute plans, advises and offers its know-how and technical equipment for services suppliers. The ISE’s scientists and engineers make themselves available to support our seminar program with their specialist knowledge of both the fundamentals and cutting-edge developments in the field of silicon solar cell technology. 

Event Calendar

Currently no open seminars are offered. 

All seminars can be booked  as company-specific seminars.